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I would object just because I feel like they wouldn't remember to turn it back on...though honestly, my roommate and I get hot during the night with the A/C the way it is, with two fans running in the room as well. One room in our quad seems to get colder than the other, for whatever reason, and every time my roommate and I have tried opening our windows, they detach from the window altogether, which is a bit of a deterrent (along with the noise from the townhouses). I agree with you that everyone should be relatively comfortable, and that's Drew's own fault for not putting A/C in all of the dorms on campus, but I think it's a lot easier to bundle and warm back up if you're cold than to try and cool down in a stuffy room if you're too hot. I get your point, but having AC was one reason I wanted to live in Riker, so I personally would object.
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