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Default Please Fix the Wireless

Technology Department:
It is not a huge proble, because at least there is a direct ethernet connection I can use, but can we do something about the wireless? Both the signal, and the speed after you get it. The signal is very weak- at best, and then when/if you finally get it, it goes very slow, this is easily fixable.

The signal strength used to be weak in the in the dorms, and in the commons. These are some prime places that we have to use the wireless, and much of the time we cannot, while the rest of the time we can but it is very slow. The speed is not as much of a problem for me, although I would like to see that improve if possible, but the fact that it is unavailable/has a very weak signal is a huge problem, and can easily be fixed.

A stronger antenna-dish to distribute the signal would be a quick fix, but maybe even splitting the network into several 'Drew Networks' is also a good idea. (Not to mention, I am pretty sure that's what NYU does, and they must have an even biger problem of being a large school) If you split the network, you could spread out the sources, and make certain networks strongest at certain locations... Or, if you are very against splitting the network, you can just put more base-stations down to distribute the current wireless signal.

I'll leave choosing and implementing a solution up to you, but this is a problem that has existed as long as I've been a student here, and it really has to be fixed; it is a very basic need for a student (possibly in a computer class) to use his/her computer.
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