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Default Ram Upgrades for Windows 7

We are now offering a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit image to students. According to Microsoft, the minimum RAM requirement for the operating system is 2GB. Most of our older laptops shipped with 2GB of RAM, so many students may choose to upgrade. The image has been tested with 2GB of RAM and it runs very well, even with the minimum. However, students who use their Drew laptops for activities that require better performance (eg photo editing, video editing, gaming) may choose to upgrade. Even if you don't do these kinds of things with your laptop, you may still choose to upgrade. Please review the following chart and find your computer model. The current amount and maximum amount of RAM are provided in this chart. We have also listed exactly how the current RAM is laid out in the computer. If you are unsure of what model you have, you may contact the Helpdesk at x3205 or log into

Each model has two slots available for RAM.

  • The SL400c is already at its maximum amount of memory.
  • The T61, T400 P8600 and T400 4GB already have RAM sticks in both slots. In order to bring them to their max, you will have to purchase two sticks of RAM.
  • RAM varies in speed and design. Your computer's motherboard provides you with its RAM specifications. RAM that you purchase may fit inside your computer, but if it is not compatible with the motherboard, it can cause damage and performance issues.
  • The RAM upgrade is NOT a requirement. You can get the Windows 7 image without purchasing the RAM.
X61/T61 - One 2GB stick = $34
All T400 models - One 2GB stick = $23/One 4GB stick = $46

To place an order for RAM, please send an email with the subject Ram Upgrade. In the email, please let us know how many sticks of RAM you would like to purchase. When we receive enough requests, we will place the order and charge your student account. Those who have placed an order will be contacted so they can have their RAM installed.
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