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Leanna E. Celebre
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This is copied from the post in the "Announcements" section of this forum:

"When you get back to Drew this semester, you may notice some signs about Recyclemania and wonder, "what the heck is that?" Recyclemania is a contest between universities that began in Ohio in 2001 between Miami and Ohio State University to determine which student body could throw away the least amount of trash and recycle the most per person. Since then, the list of participating universities has grown each year, with 91 Universities signed up so far this year. This year, Drew Facilities Resource Management, Residence Life, Drew Environmental Action League, and whatever other groups would like to help build support are going to try to make Drew's first year in the competition the year we win!

From the official Drew Recyclemania release: "Recyclemania is a friendly competition between universities with the goal of increasing student awareness of recycling and waste minimization. The contest runs from January 29, 2006 through April 8, 2006. The are two segments to the contest, the Per Capita Classic measures the amount of recycled paper, cardboard, and aluminum, steel, glass, and plastic (#1 & #2 plastic only) containers per person; Waste Minimization measures the overall amount of solid waster per person. You can learn more at You can learn more about recycling at Drew Universityat"

Everyone can do their part this semester by reducing their use of overpackaged, disposable products and the amount of waste they create, reusing whatever items they can instead of throwing them away, and recycling all approved items in appropriate bins located in residence halls and public university areas!

Check out the DEAL discussion board for ongoing information and to ask any questions you may have. Stop by the UC during the day on February 8th to learn more about the competition, and keep an eye out for e-mail updates and related events all semester long!

We can do it!

-Leanna Celebre
DEAL President

Questions? Keep an eye out for e-mails, visit the DEAL discussion board, stop by the UC on February 8th, or e-mail me at"

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