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Default Without knowing the situation

Originally Posted by Patricia R. Brown
I must agree. Many employees would rather be anonymous because of fear that if they say anything they could or would be fired. They feel like they have no one to turn to.

I think the larger issue, as Mike pointed out, is that this just isn't the place for it. There are too many ways one can figure out who posted something anyway. And depending on the complaint, it's pretty easy on a campus this small to narrow it down to a couple of people in a specific department. And I suspect many people wouldn't take care to alter their writing style.

As a side note, "anonymous" online forums tend to quickly degenerate into personal attacks or comments that stray into slander. If someone makes an "anonymous" post that is actionable, I would expect that the author would be discovered pretty quickly, one way or another.

I've found, in my almost 15 years here as staff, and my four years as a student before that, if you document issues, are professional and willing to compromise you can usually get a lot of problems dealt with in a reasonable manner. That doesn't always mean the answer you want, but that's unavoidable. The University has documented formal and informal grievance procedures, and this sort of forum can't be a part of that.
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