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Well, we've already been through this already.. but why not again.... When this site was launched, we considered the value of anonymous posting.

We decided against allowing it for three reasons:
  • Potential for abuse. In this case, I am not necessarily talking about abuse by individuals, but automated abuse in the form of spam. Forums that allow anonymous posting, especially ones based upon well-known software such as the vBulletin software that runs this one, are often victims of automated spam attacks. Malicious intent is not a prerequisite for a blog or forum allowing anonymous comments to be randomly hit with spam from an automated spam bot.
  • Philosophy and mission of these forums. These are forums for community discussion. This is not an online complaint box.
  • Technical inability to fulfill the promise of anonymity. There is no such thing as truly anonymous speech on the internet. We do not wish to lull anyone into a false sense of security by offering the option of "anonymous" speech. If required, CNS staff will use appropriate forensic techniques and work with ISPs as required to identify individuals, "anonymous" or not. As a matter of principle we will not willfully violate a user's privacy, however, there are specific circumstances under which we may be required to. CNS staff are legally compelled to comply with any court orders demanding the identity of individuals. The administration may also order us to conduct investigations. See the Network Agreement, specifically bullet point number 7 for details.
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