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Benjamin K. Tokarski
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Thats not completely true.

If you lurk the forums here a little bit, you will observe instances where there have been people from the department ask for the students to come to their office or something and talk to them about it so that they can improve their service for you.

I believe I've seen it done in several topics, like of the food.
Also, in the technology forum, the technology department is very active there.

So, this forum does have some faculty activity on it, based on what I've seen. However, for a 100% effectiveness on being heard, I think it's just best to go to the head of the department. It's what they would ask you to do when they see your complaint anyways, might as well just skip a few steps and go straight to someone who can make the changes.

As such, I also agree with the person who said it's a bit immature to worry about complaints when you haven't even attended yet. Just think about having a fun time at this point. Coming in you already have a complaint? Or are you going to be searching for complaints?

I haven't attended yet either, I'm transferring in this fall. But I'm expecting to have a fun time! I can't wait, really.
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