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You do currently have Admin access to your machine when logged into your jputnam account. Do you mean that Vista prompts you for permission to use Admin rights when you do certain things? Are you getting prompted for an Admin login instead?

The former is the normal Vista behavior unless you turn off User Account Control. Vista displays a prompt asking for permission. Is this what you are seeing or something different?


It's not quite either actually....the window in the top left is what comes up when trying to access the Sidebar application

I also have UAC turned off

So there is a redundancy in the login screen when it displays 4 different login options (Drew-AD/Jputnam, Jputnam, Other User, Novell Login) when both Jputnam and Drew-AD/Jputnam are configured for Administrator and I can access everything with the "Novell Login" account by logging into the programs as they pop up in the Computer Only accounts?

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