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John, let me clarify myself. The discussion, as posted by Anil, is about the usage of Plastic Bottles. I recognize that NOT ALL plastics are bad, and I am not saying that Drew should boycott the entire plastics industry. I am simply speaking of the the plastic bottle industry. The problem, as was mentioned in one of the posts above, is that people will often throw garbage out in the recycling bin (rendering the whole bin of recyclables useless as they can't be recycled with garbage and food all over them...they simply won't be collected as recyclables that way). They also often throw recyclables in the garbage. No matter what program you have to educate people with on recycling, the majority of people (if the 10% stat is true...and I assume it is) don't recycle a whole lot. This is a huge environmental issue.

Now I must say, Drew could do more to encourage people to recycle. For instance, they could place clearly marked recycle bins next to every garbage can on campus. So, when I am at the Methodist Library, I don't have to walk all the way over to Sem. Hall to recycle my soda bottle. If there is a recycle bin there, it is not in a conspicuous place. I, personally, do hold on to my bottles and make sure that I walk them over to the recycling containers at Sem Hall; however, I am sure not everyone does.

But even with that in place, there are still going to be people who refuse to recycle...people who care more for convenience (walking one step in stead of two) than they do about the environment. So, what do we do? Yes, we do still advocate recycling, perhaps in stronger and more effective ways. But can we stop there? If we are serious about creating a climate of change when it comes to our planet we need to say "no" to convenience and say "yes" to what is right. And from the sound of it, you seem to be in line with that. So that is where I am coming from. I realize that I did only use the term "plastic" and so I do apologize for the confusion. I am not advocating a ban on all plastics, just the reduction of a certain kind of plastic...namely the plastic "beverage" bottle.

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