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Default Benefits far outweigh the negatives!

This is my personal opinion, as a member of the Drew Community, not as a representative of University Technology: I fully agree with Katelyn that the campus-wide emails just aren't that big a deal. It seems to me that the benefits of having a Drew login and email account far outweigh the negatives of quickly going through these emails each morning.

Having a Drew login allows each of us to access a wealth of resources and information, and I'd rather have these benefits, even if it means sifting through the emails. For me it's actually kind of fun to see what is going on all over campus!

Restricting these emails to people who are already members of the group advertising an event, in my opinion, is not in the open spirit of sharing in our community. While I do advocate the use of public calendars and other ways of communicating, I'd also say that I personally have often found something of interest in a campus-wide email that I would not otherwise have known about.

Thanks for reading!
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