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Benjamin R. Shedlock
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Originally Posted by Saman Asheer
Yeah, no placement if it's completely new, you just register for the intro course. (I'm in it!) And no, you don't have to take an exam for a language that you won't be taking in college, even if you took it in highschool. The placement exam is just to see what section (intro or advanced) you get in to.

p.s. I'm not really an authority or anything, but I just felt like replying to your message since no one had AND because I saw you were taking Arabic and I was excited because I'm taking it too, and I don't know a whole lot of people who are!
Alright!! More arabic people!! I've been looking for all of you!! And thanks for responding to my message. Great, can't wait, it should be hellagood!
(I've always wanted to say that!)
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