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Hi All,

I am sure everyone is pretty excited and relieved with the end of another semester. That means we are oen step closer to graduating. It's always a relief to know that other people are having a working at balancing home, work and school and from time to time finding it a bit stressful. Sometimes because we don't see each other in class, we tend to feel alone. I know I do. It gets so confusing of what do I do now, what should I take or even can I do this class.

I don't know if I'm the only person who feels this way but I would love it if we could be fast-tracked. It would give us an opportunity to be a part of and enjoy the Drew atmospher but at the same time allow us part-timers and full-timers the ability to get out of school just that much faster with our degrees. Like I said, I could be alone in this.

Well, I work here in Alumni/ae House for the Alumni/ae & Parent Relations department and if you are looking to network with fellow alumni/ae, please let me or the department know. I can be reached at or you can contact the office directly at My ext. is 3987 and the main line is 3229.

Hope to run into or share a class with some of my fellow CUE future alumni/ae before I graduate.

Tricia Brown
Tricia Brown
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