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Erik D. Emdur
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I think we need a club for complaining. That would generate more student input then anything else.

No, but seriously, you sound like you have some good ideas. You should really come and talk to me at my open office hours (look for an email soon). I can answer some of your questions, correct some misinformation, and help come up with ways to achieve some of your suggestions.

Some things, like tuition, are simply not going to change. Others, like the UC, for instance, already have major changes on the way. (i.e. it's getting knocked down and a gold medal student center is set to take its place)

As for your friend who is having trouble accomplishing his goal (I think I know to whom and to what you are referring), consider whether or not his plan is ACTUALLY desired by the student body. While it may be in our best interests, we may not be interested. That was virtually the consensus opinion of the SGA. Were you at drew when they tried to make it a "dry" campus? Do you remember the student response? For college students, unfortunately, some things come before health.

Well, I look forward to a conversation with you in which we can outline some paths for progress. See you then.

Erik Emdur
Student Government President
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