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Originally Posted by Neal B. Day
3. Tuition. 50,000. Wow. For what?
Well, no. You're adding in room & board and other estimated personal costs to give the cost of attendance. Tuition is $35,065, which is admittedly not a small number and you might think it too much, but if you're going to sling around numbers, sling around the right ones.

Originally Posted by Neal B. Day
5. The money seems to be going to the wrong areas. The gym center (w/e its called) seems to be one of the nicest places on campus. But in the classrooms, the desks are old and small, its not completely wireless (for a school that demands you buy a laptop, no less).
I actually find the vast majority of places I go on campus now have wireless access. Where exactly do you not find this? (I see your complaint about Hoyt, which is a res hall and not a classroom building.)
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