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Post Accommodations For Students Who Live Further Away.

I've noticed this past year that students that must travel here from far away are not given much consideration when it comes to coming back to campus after a lengthy break.

For instance, I live in North Carolina and I had to come back early at the beginning of the school year for training week. A week before I had to go back I tried to make arrangements to pick up my key because I knew the train would arrive long after the office of residence life closed and they did work with me a little, saying I could pick up the key from someone by nine. If I arrived after that then I would be out of luck. Well I arrived much later because my train got delayed a few hours, I had to sleep in the Baldwin lounge because I could not get into my room.

I can't be the only person that's had this or a similar problem. Maybe there is a reason they won't leave keys at public safety for late arrivals but I think something should be done about this. Travel is rather unpredictable and there should be some way for people who don't make it back on time to have access to their rooms and/or keys.
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