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Originally Posted by Brandon W. Talley

The school really has only made small attempts to help students from outside the tri state area. I don't see it improving at all before I graduate (i'm only a sophmore mind you). I also know that alot of the time things like student government get no where fast and that the administration has alot bigger problems so this one gets pussed aside. If your really want to see a change and intend to make it stick I think you should attempt a petition with the names of every student who's not from the area and then bring your conserns to the presidents office. NOT the open hour since thats a joke and they really only want to hear things they are ready for and can knock down.

If you don't feel like trying to inflict a real change via that route its sadly going to continue untill someone will.

That's a really good idea. Perhaps I could send out a campus wide e-mail seeing as it would be hard to track down every person that lives far from the area. I really would like to get some policy set into place that makes it easier on anybody with this problem.
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