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Alicia E. Lutes
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Originally Posted by E. Axel Larsson
One of complaints we've had about the forums is the sheer number of them. We try to model after the old newsgroups and that just doesn't work on a web-based forum like vBulletin. The desire to cross-post is partially a result of there being too many forums, so it is understandable.

Expect us to consolidate a lot of these this summer. No more separate forums for every student org, every class, etc. I understand why people wanted it that way, but after a year of having this site up with less adoption than we'd like it's safe to say it doesn't quite work that way. We've been talking internally about this and I think we'd like to get the number of forums on the home screen down to ten or less. This will be much more manageable for people and I hope that adoption increases as a result.

In the meantime, I think we can be a little understanding about some of the x-posting.


I think this definitely would help out a lot; if there was only one forum for ALL CLA students, then I think the whole 'crossposting drama' that seems to be here would disappear. I know if there was only one forum for ALL CLA students then I wouldn't have posted this so many times. Thanks for the information about the updates coming this summer! I appreciate it.
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