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Yes, it is. We have considered putting all public ports through the new authentication system. But there are many more features that have to be put in place before we can think about any of that happening. The new authentication portal is the first part of a retooling of access control on the network, and there will be more information about this as it develops.

Displaying our net-agreement page is a good thing, because we want people to be aware that using the internet comes with some rules (which are in that agreement). The snack bar, library, classrooms, etc are not your house - they are a public location and we want people to be aware that they are in public on a public network where their traffic is accounted for and managed. When you log into the wireless network you are actually logging in - your name is associated and logged with your IP address for the duration of your session - and we want people to be aware of that.

Additionally there is a technical requirement. I can't not display it because your browser will think it's caught in a redirect loop. Think about it, you open up your browser and type in an address. As far as the browser knows, it's actually gone to that address, except that your connection has actually been transparently redirected to an apache server which figures out your url and then redirects you again to Once you authenticate, you need to be redirected back to the original site, which your browser thinks you've already been to. A very early version of the auth portal just redirected you transparently; every time it did that, the browser thought it was caught in a loop and wouldn't display the page. Thus the second page needs to be displayed so the browser doesn't freak out.
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