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I've been commuting for a couple of years now and I just park where ever. I've never paid the $200 either. It must be luck or something because I have only gotten one ticket (which I don't have to pay since it isn't a real ticket). Long as your license plates aren't in your student name then they cannot charge your student account. Just don't park in handicap spots because you will get a real fine by the town cops. If you're concerned about the Drew tickets and the car is not in your name, you can get up to three before they will supposedly tow your car.

Also, if you are really that worried about it I would park across the street in the residential area. Not where the apartments are but across from where the traffic light is down by the houses. Is walking an extra 5 minutes going to kill you when you can save $200? I know it is sad that you did pay and cannot find parking for your money, but I do not think Drew has the ability to expand their commuter parking lot. Try parking in Tilghman lot and if they give you a ticket, go up to public safety and throw it in their face that there was not a single spot left for your use as a commuter because there are not enough spots plus facilities is utilizing the parking spots too. I don't know if this was helpful at all, but it is what it is.
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