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Neal B. Day
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I didn't mean to attack drew. It's not the worst place in the world, but having been elsewhere, (i transferred to drew) it does need major improvements.

A few things. In regard to food, I've been to a bunch of colleges with much better food. I'm sure that the food is worse in a lot of places. But I mean, I don't go elsewhere, I go to Drew. I want good food. In regards to football, sooo many schools have football teams, even liberal arts. I'm not saying the other sports aren't good or w/e (i wish there was a hockey team), but football is America's sport or w/e, and asking the students to rally together once a week to root for a football team works well for many schools. I didn't know about the madison/drew thing, so I'm sorry for making that claim.

I guess what really drives me crazy about drew is that the students seemingly have no forum to change the school for the better. A friend of mine is trying to get something passed (I won't say who or what, but it's a really uncomplicated matter), and he keeps getting sent from person to person b/c nobody has a clue what to do. He was sent from the president to student government to numerous teachers to deans, and nothing has been done. It's all a big stall. That's my biggest gripe with Drew.

But I do want to say things I like about drew, just so you don't all kill me when i get back.

The train straight to NY Penn is awesome. The space is a cool place. The seminary hall cafe thing is pretty cool. There are some really engaging professors. As I said before, the gym is pretty cool, and very modern. The place is beautiful. And some of the students are really great people.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I just wanted a discussion. (This was the first thread I ever wrote)
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