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As for a forum where students can enact change for themselves, there are a number of student organizations on campus who are looking to a) create change themselves and b) hopefully in the near future, create such a forum for students in the form of a free student union.
this concept of a free student union is ever-changing and can be whatever we, as students, desire it to be.
i encourage you to keep your eyes open this semester to student groups who are active and already engaged in trying to make drew an even better place than it already is.
i know i can say for myself that i used to complain a lot about drew, and i still sometimes do because there are many areas on campus and within the administration that infuriate me to no end. but i also am completely in love with other areas of drew. so i've come to realize that it's a give and take, and that most times, the wonderful things about drew really lift me up and give me encouragement and drive to change those things i might dislike.
so there are students out there with similar sentiments. now is the time to all get together and talk about what we want to do about it. because together, as a community of students, faculty, staff, and people who are involved in any way with this school, WE are the ones who can bring about such changes -- it is OUR school. let's own it, and do something about it!
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