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hmmm...daily commitments like thinking twice before throwing the bottle away in the trash, but seeking out the recycling bin. I started becoming a trash/recycling picker like Dr. Kearns last semester, because I was getting so frustrated at people NOT paying attention to the proper bins!!! granted sometimes I know the top doesn't match the words on the bin, but I once I cleaned out trash for the plastic recycling, and I literally turned away from it, and someone had stuck their bag lunch in the recycling!!! HOW FRUSTRATING!!! Sometimes I get soooo angry and I can't figure out how to help those who are a little dense with the bins.
But Anil, you bring up an excellent debate. Especially since Coke as a company has such a bad track record. I think taking away the coke machine might be a bold step, and would make people angry. But if we can sell alternative beverages like juice or a vending machine that sells something else...
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