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Dia O'Neil
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Originally Posted by Erin R. Newell
I just went to and basically 3 out of my five professors are considered horrible. How seriously should I take this site.

eh, whatever. i dont put much stock into rate-my-whatever websites. i have found that people generally only vote if they hate a professor so much that bitching to their friends doesn't satiate the rage. also, a poor rating can often mean that the professor just gives a lot of homework [which is NOT a mark of a bad professor]. and honestly, every professor is different to every person. there's only one professor at drew that i honestly can't stand, and i know people who adore him. so, like everything in life, a professor being good or bad is totally subjective and dependent on the person taking the class. so don't completely dismiss a professor simply because a few people voted negatively for them on a website.

that said, i WILL say that asking around about a professor is definitely a good idea if you're ambivalent about whether or not to take a certain class. it's better to rely on friends, though, rather than a website, because you know your friends and what they do and don't like, and thus are more able to properly [and fairly] judge whether you will like a professor. ALSO, you're not going to be able to avoid some bad professors. while almost every professor i have had has been phenomenal, every school has its bad eggs. try and pick them out the best you can. drew definitely has more good professors than bad ones. in two years i can count at least three classes that have truly changed me. i'm not talking just "oh wow now i look at that differently" but actually challenged and reformed some of my core beliefs and goals in life. that's pretty impressive that one person's teaching could do that, you know?

...and if you ever get a chance to take a class with prof. butler, prof. cassady, prof. hala, prof. smith-wright, prof. liebowitz, or prof. boglioli, DO IT
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