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We're going to continue to be conservative with setting the system default "score" for messages considered spam, but we will make minor adjustments over the next few days.

We just changed the default threshold down to 3.25 from 3.5, so any message that scores higher than 3.25 will now be quarantined.

As Paul mentioned, people may want to lower their own levels individually by changing preferences at Click on the Preferences tab, then click on the Spam Settings tab, and then under Spam Scoring change Use System Defaults to no. Click on the Save Changes button and then adjust the Quarantine number up or down. Click on the Save Changes button again to commit your changes.

If you adjust your number down, you will probably want to pay extra attention to your quarantine until you are satisfied you have a number that isn't producing false-positives (i.e. legitimate mail being quarantined as spam)
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