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Danna L. Gutman
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Originally Posted by Gary A. Hochman
Facebook doesnt help much if you can't remember someone's name.

I'm not completely against the Record or anything, but I'd like to clarify that actually, probably would be better if you couldn't remember a person's name, because you can search by any number of things - classes the person is in, residence hall, friends, etc. It would be a lot easier to find that random soccer player from Tolley who pissed on your floor last night, or that girl who was dancing on the table in WoCo, by searching for the things you already know about them on facebook, rather than leafing through 400 smiling faces in the record.

The one major thing the record has that the facebook does NOT is the useful information, which is pretty nice to have. Of course most of it can be found elsewhere, in Drew pamphlets, the Acorn etc. The best aspect of buying the record at this point is probably just having a collection of freshman pics which are fun to look back on/laugh at in the future.
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