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Originally Posted by Patrick O. Dolan
Why isn't there more dissemination of useful computer information? Why is it that the most useful tips or ideas on computing I've received have come from chance conversations with somebody in CNS or otherwise in the know (Thunderbird, Firefox, WebDAV)? What else am I and the rest of the Drew community missing?
There is a lot of useful information available on the CNS website as well as the ITS Documentation Bin . The CNS website has information on Remote Access and Enterprise Applications, as well as various other things. The ITS site has lots of info on how to use many applications made available to the Drew community (Dreamweaver, excel, word etc...) and general computer maintenance. News about current and upcoming projects can be found at the main page of the CNS departmental website and the CNS Live website.

Conversations with CNS and ITS employees is a great way to pickup little tips which often don't make it into documentation. Often times useful tidbits of information is discovered by just using the program. But it would be a long process to add every little tip that someone discoveries to official documentation.

Firefox and Thunderbird, although very useful (at least in my personal opinion), are not officially supported by the University. Because they are not supported, it is unlikely that documents provided by the University will include information on these programs. The best place to find information about them would be from their respective websites. The best place to find information about configuring them for use with Drew servers would be to ask a Helpdesk employee.

In the future, I would suggest looking through some of the available documentation for some answers. If you cannot find what you're looking for, you can ask someone at CNS or ITS for help.

I hope this helps.
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