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Originally Posted by Naveen Akkapeddi
Does anybody even use AFP anymore?
I would think SMB/CIFS is sufficient.
It's more of an issue with legacy Mac applications that make heavy use of what are known as "resource forks". Resources forks are still used today, but for most document types (i.e. a Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file) it's less critical if you loose the fork. You might loose a custom icon for the file for instance, but the data is intact.

The resource forks can still be stored on volumes accessed via CIFS, but the Mac stores that data in a small sidecar file in each folder. Whereas with AFP, it is handled internally in the filesystem.

The other Mac-ism you loose with CIFS/SMB instead of AFP is file type and creator codes which is the native mechanism a Mac uses to figure out which application should open a file. Mac OS X knows how to use file extensions though, so it is not really an issue anymore.

We have opened an incident (accessible here) in our new issue management system (announcement about that forthcoming) to track any progress on this bug.
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