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Danna L. Gutman
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Talking Steve Hofstetter!

Hey everyone,

You may have heard of Steve Hofstetter because he came to campus a while back, or maybe because he has, oh, 150,000 friends on facebook and you're one of them... but anyway,

Steve is a standup comedian and he's not half bad. Some of his stuff is pretty hilarious. We've had him on campus before and you know you want him to come back - so the deal is, go to! You can check out one of his taped shows which should pop up on the site, but he's even better live... all you need to do is click to sign the petition to bring him back, and it will be sent to UPB! It only takes a second and it will bring a quality comedian to Drew... you know you miss those comedy nights at the Space with all the embarrassing questions and plates full of curly fries.
Do it!

-Danna, the Drew "Campus Rep" for Steve Hofstetter
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