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Karen M. Kurtyka
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It really is preposterous.

I had a super long post here detailing how I feel about this, but I got error messages twice when I tried posting, and now it is late. Here are my main points:

- It is TOTALLY BIZARRE that that DoYo has no dance wing. Dance is still considered an art form, right?
- The Black Box Theatre is not appropriate for dance performances. I have seen some unique solutions (the "Breaking the 4th Wall" show comes to mind), but overall, I feel that it is inadequate and cheapens the professional experience.
- Those studios in the Forum are awful. Come on...they can't even make the marley go all the way to the door??
- I would LOVE to dance at Drew, but the lack of facilities has consistently driven me away from every opportunity to participate in the dance show, dance team, and dance club.

I don't know. I've been dancing a long time with a professional company, so maybe I'm spoiled. But every time I see the brave, enthusiastic dancers in the dance shows, I can't help but imagine what it would be like if they were given the facilities they deserved to make great art.
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