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Daniel M. Lawson
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Originally Posted by Sarah G. Davie
Dear Drew,

I was quite elated when I found out that there was going to be a Dance Minor at our school. Dance has always been a part of my soul-I am no prima ballerina, but it is a great way to express my feelings and be creative.

But the fact that we do not have our own official dance studio bothers me. I come from a performing arts high school, where we had our own dance studio, where only dance and musical theatre majors had full use of the studio. We hold a dance show every semester, and sometimes we have to hold rehearsal on the squash courts because other clubs are using the studios. That is absolutely preposterous.

First off, the dance floor is ridiculous-there is no spring, just a bunch of marley taped over a wood floor. And the upstairs studio is even worse-whenever i practice there, I cannot dance 100%, because I am afraid of injuring myself, and the wood floor hurts my knees and my neck when I roll.

If you want to have a Dance minor, let's make it official and have our own dance studio. That is the least you could do to make it a better program. I am quite tired of getting kicked out of my dance room for other clubs, when I have multiple dances to choreograph for the show this semester.

Dear Sarah,

Are you suggesting that we should eliminate the Dance minor unless more resources are made available for the program?

On the one hand, demonstrated interest makes the (eventual) case for devoting resources to a program more compelling. On the other hand, if we don't currently have enough resources to do a reasonable job of providing a dance minor, we shouldn't pretend that we do. Obviously a dance studio won't be built overnight, and likely won't come any time too soon. As a participant in dance programs, do you think that the dance minor should not exist until such resource become available?

Daniel Lawson
Assistant Professor of Economics, and a member of the Curriculum Committee who voted in favor of approving the new minor, but am concerned if the participants in said minor think it doesn't have enough resources to move forward.
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