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Arrow Sale!! LONGBOARDS!!

I have two boards I am trying to sell to save money and purchase a more economical board.

The first board is a 46" Sector Nine longboard, also known as the Lombock, part of the Cosmic Series of boards. It is used and has noticeable cosmetic wear-and-tear, but the boards performance is great; flawless actually. It is a very smooth ride and great for turns/carving.

The second board is a 27" mini longboard engineered by SoCal. It is on the firm side which is great for picking up speed while reducing wobble. It is also compact enough to easily transport around. It is only a couple months old and has relatively little cosmetic damage, however, just like the Sector Nine, it's performance is free of complaints. The wheels are also great for sliding.

The Sector Nine is going for $115 (usu. $165) and the SoCal is going for $60 (bought for $85). I am willing to negotiate, though I feel these prices are already a steal.

If interested and serious, or know anyone outside of the Drew community that might be, contact me at or call me at 609-558-8584.

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