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The ups and downs in all of this enabled us to gain a better understanding of how the packet shaper operates & where adjustments needed to be made. These devices have to be tuned to the specific networks they're handling, and they don't always work in the most logical way. I'm glad for all the feedback.

As much as I might think so, I'd never go and say "we fixed it" without confirming it to be true. The last post I made was around the break and students weren't around, so there wasn't any way to tell for sure. Some more improvements were made last week. So many changes and fixes were made I don't think it's any single one that has made the difference.

At this point I'd say that it's much better. There is as always a limit on how much we can really do with the bandwidth we currently have, and there are times where games will be lagged or streaming media won't stream, just because there's only so much to go around. Like I said though I think we've made a lot of progress in optimizing the connection speed as a whole and especially for interactive applications. Where there's a way we'll continue working on it to provide the best experience to Drew users.
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