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Originally Posted by Patrick G. Phillips
Hi Axel:

Thanks for the very useful thread!

I have a Samsung Blackjack, and have gotten it working with the Groupwise Mobile server. However, I don't really need to have syncing from the server, and am cheap enough to want to avoid the data charges from ATT.

Is there a way to have my Blackjack sync with my laptop via Bluetooth only? In essence, I would like to treat the Blackjack like an non-wireless PDA, and have it sync with Groupwise on my laptop. Whenever I try to sync with Intellisync, it seems to me that it forces a connection to the server.

Many thanks for any help.


Patrick Phillips
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No matter which method you are using it is still going to be the device connecting to the server directly over the network. However, when the blackjack is connected to the destkop using the ActiveSync software it came with, network communications should be going through ActiveSync and using your desktop's network connection rather than the cellular network.

So you should be able to dock the phone to your desktop and then manually fire off the sync from the device, unless AT&T has done something odd to the configuration of the Blackjack. In Intellisync Options on the device itsel,f there is a menu named "Connection" that lets you pick one of the connection profiles that were set up on the device. The default one "The Internet" should automatically switch between the cellular networks and your desktop when you connect, but the way those are set up depends upon what the wireles carrier did. You may have to do some experimenting...
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