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Emily M. Schmidt
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Default Seattle's "Best" Coffee has some bugs too

I thought the price of the coffee was bad enough ($1.45 for a small now instead of .99), but what happened to me this morning was so bad I'm never going to this cart again. I was calmly drinking my coffee in my room like I do every morning, when I felt something in my mouth and instantly spit it out. There was an enormous wasp or something in my coffee, it must have been an inch long and had huge antennae. After spitting a lot and washing my mouth out with Listerine I went straight back to cart, and they directed me to the snack bar to speak with a manager. He was very nice, and told me that whatever I get next time will be free, and told the employees to check the cups before filling them. The employees seemed just as grossed out as I am and said they check the cups and clean the pots every night. However, I'm sorry, but something is wrong if this could happen. Maybe the bug flew into my cup in the few seconds they spent filling it up, but this bug was big enough that I'm pretty sure they would have noticed and freaked out. So either the bug was in the cup or in the dispenser they used for the regular coffee.

I know this is gross, and anyone from Sodexho would probably not like me posting this, but I don't care. I will say that the manager was very nice about it, and it was probably just a one time thing, but I am too grossed out not to say something.
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