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Yasin B. Abbak
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Default Here's an idea.

I have no problem with people having complaints about how something is run. You have successfully grabbed the attention of at least me and the other students who have posted here. Congratulations. You have started a diaologue.

My suggestion is to take Dan Sorenson's advice and take the extra step. if you have all these complaints, do something about it. If you don't know how, let me direct you to a few resources on campus that can help you out.

First off, President Weisbuch offers weekly office hours. Use them.

Secondly, the SGA is always begging for student input and opinions. They have a lot of committees that are made to better represent the students and their needs. A lot of people ask what the SGA does. Many think nothing comes out of the SGA. They are wrong. For example, student representatives from the SGA sat on the dining committee making important decisions regarding your number one So go to the SGA. Students utilizing the SGA will empower the SGA. It's pretty simple, and you have a great audience at every meeting. To my recollection, the meetings are every Sunday at 6pm in UC 103. If that is incorrect I hope someone corrects me.

I think this might help. For the record, I don't support half of your complaints. Fortunately, I believe that everyone is as important as the next person and so I respect your opinions. I hope that in the next month or so you will give us an update on how you went about enacting change. If you drop the ball here all you will have accomplished is riling up a bunch of students who enjoy the Drew atmosphere and appreciate the positives.

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