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hi again. i'd like to reiterate: there are other venues besides SGA meetings where you can voice your opinion.
also, NOTHING is set in stone... change is possible even for some things that seem so structurally and systematically concrete. this is our school. we should have a say in what goes on -- even at the administrative level. but then again, that's just my opinion. and i am open to others.
but anyway, the real point i'm trying to make here to you, neal, is that the SGA isn't your only option for making change.
students for a democratic society, for example, is a great organization that is always working towards bettering our school. and i know they too would love to hear what you have to say.

also, i felt some hostility in some of the responses in this discussion. while i know that this IS the internet and one cannot truly understand the motivation/sentiments of whoever might be writing, but i don't know... i felt disempowered rather than encouraged when reading some messages in this discussion.
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