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Yes, we're in the process of distributing F-Prot 6. Getting anti-virus signature updates for it requires that you install the new version of the Novell Zenworks software, so you need to install that first, then F-Prot 6.

I sent an email message out to faculty and staff a bit more than a week ago with instructions, and I'm going to be sending out one this coming week to students.

Basically, we had the corporate version of F-Prot, but we didn't have a good way to distribute the anti-virus updates. I either had to give up updating with just an internet connection, or I had to worry about annually getting users to take manual steps to plug in a new serial number or it would stop working. I could solve either problem but not both, depending on the variety of F-Prot I used.

So we needed the new Zenworks software (really a completely new product) first. It uses the http protocol to push out updated files, so it'll work as long as your computer can reach Drew via an internet connection. It pushes the anti-virus updates down to a local directory where F-Prot 6 can find them.

But the version of Zenworks that we worked with last spring had some real problems, and there was just no way I could have used it. Those issues have been fixed in the two or three big updates that have occured since, and I'm comfortable with the product at this point. The first reasonable version was the 10.0.3 release that we put on the Vista notebooks, but the 10.1 update that came out just before the start of the semester was a big improvement.

At the beginning of the semester, trying to add all the other student computers to the new Zenworks environment wasn't practical - for one thing, we had gone from 40 to 400+ computers (first year students) in the new Zenworks environment, and we needed to make sure it was handing it. And then there's the support and troubleshooting for installation problems.

Since then, there has been an additional update to Zenworks, and anticipating that, we avoided pushing out the slightly older version that would have required an update almost immediatly. Things are at a good stage right now, and that's why we're moving ahead with telling people about it.

Aside from SPSS 17, we're not going to be adding any new software installers to the old Zenworks Application Explorer, only the new one. It's a totally different piece of software on the back end (what you would see isn't vastly different).

So, again, look for the email message going out later this week. I'll probably post a copy of it here as well.
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