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From personal experience Kyle, I would have to say no on that. Then only let people in the buildings earlier than the assigned times, if they are moving in earlier than that or have special exceptions(disability). I know when I moved in two years ago, they started the process around 8am, and before any assigned OC tasks, usually occur several hours after that, like 12/1pm. My advise is get there early on wednesday, and if your local, go down to the business office and act like you have a financial issue you need to resolve in advance, after that you can tell them your a freshman, play dumb enough and they might get you the ID card in advance. I had a legit one two days before and then printed up my card in advance which is half the time, the other is getting packets, signing for things, issuing a FOB and key for your dorm and room. But overall, just get in early wednesday as early as you can around 8am, if your close again get there a little earlier than that in case the other 500 or so cars will be there blocking the way.
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