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It says it right here that we need to fill out some kind of form:

Overnight Guest Registration Form:

This form can be obtained on the Residence Life webpage. The completed overnight guest registration form must bear the following information:
  • Guest name, date of birth and vehicle license plate number (if guest has a vehicle that will be parked on campus)
  • Dates(s) of guests stay
  • Signature of roommate/suitemate(s)
  • Host’s name, room/suite number/contact phone number (cell phone)
  • Host’s signature
  • All overnight guest(s) must be registered by 5:00 pm on the evening prior to their visit.
  • All guest(s) must have the approval of all the residents of the room/suite.
  • Guests who are under the age of 12 are not permitted to stay overnight, unless they are the siblings of the host student.
  • Hosts are responsible for the proper check-in and check-out of each guest.
  • A student may have an overnight guest(s) in the residence hall for a maximum of three nights in any given two-week period. In unusual circumstance, a longer stay may be discussed with the Complex Residence Director of the complex. If it is determined that a guest’s stay is for the purpose of taking up residence, the student host may be charged restitution and face student conduct charges, while the guest may be restricted from further entry into the residence hall or campus grounds.
  • Guest(s) are to be accompanied at all times during their stay by the host.
  • The maximum number of guests permitted is two per resident.
  • Host students are responsible for the conduct of their guests and informing their guest of university policy and procedures.
  • The University reserves the right to deny access to any guest(s).
  • Guest(s) with cars are required to stop in at Pepin Hall/Public Safety’s Office for a temporary parking permit.
  • Guest(s) may not sleep overnight in a lounge.
  • Students are asked to report suspicious or uninvited visitors to the Department of Public Safety at 973/408-3379.
IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOST TO MAKE SURE THEIR GUEST(S) IS REGISTERED CORRECTLY. Providing incorrect registration information will be considered a violation of policy by the host. Failure to register a guest may result in a fine. Visits by fellow students: Consideration must be given to the needs and rights of roommates. Residence Life staff reserve the right to intervene if a roommate’s rights are not being observed.
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