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Dia O'Neil
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i'd bring a printer, or at least talk with your roomie so that one of you has one. sure you might get a lot of people asking to print stuff off, but i have found that, if you're cool with it, then they're cool with pitching in money for ink later on so yeah - make sure that you have one at your disposal, ESPECIALLY because the library is starting to charge this year. ugh.

as for me, your room will be so small that length won't be a problem [haha]. in all seriousness, i only had an issue with my fan because my bed was bunked and it was more an issue of there being no place to put it more than there being no plugs. get surge protectors and the cords on your appliances should be long enough. and this is from a tolley perspective to complement gary's input.

classes...don't worry too much. have a big notebook to take notes [or use your laptop, which can become tedious sometimes i have found] and a few folders,'ll figure out which classes need which by the end of the first week or two, and anything extra can just be used in the spring. also, the university bookstore has pretty much everything you need [assuming you only need one or two things...DONT do all of your shopping there unless you like being broke] and there are stores in madison and on route 10 if you can find an upperclassman cool enough to cart you around pens and pencils seem to disappear quickly, though, so i recommend having a bunch of them around. oh, and scissors and tape. and a glue stick. i never would have believed how convenient my glue stick would become...hah.
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