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Laura M. Rando
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As co-president of the Pagan Society, I would like to get the discussions on this community board started. First, I will provide a brief explanation of the religion. Then, I will explain the mission of the Pagan Society at Drew University.

Paganism is an umbrella term for earth-or-nature-based religions that recognize the Divine as both masculine and feminine, and worship the Goddess and God. These religions are at least loosely based on the traditional beliefs and practices of ancient (mostly European) cultures. Pagan holidays celebrate the cycle of the year/seasons as it occurs in nature, in many traditions understanding it as the life cycle of the Goddess and the God. The major moral guideline in Paganism is "harm none," which dictates that one must live and act responsibly with an understanding of how one's actions - including magic - effect others. Pagans generally view their religion as a lifestyle and believe religion is a choice - there is no one true religion. Many Pagans believe in some form of reincarnation, though the specifics vary and many consider them to be unknowable.

The Pagan Society at Drew University is an organization dedicated to learning about Pagan traditions, holidays, and beliefs in a supportive environment where people of a variety of belief systems can share their ideas and experiences and develop their own approach to spirituality. We discuss a variety of Pagan-related topics, bring in guest speakers, celebrate traditional holidays, and try to fully recognize and experience our connection to nature. Anyone in the Drew community (and their friends!) are welcome to join and participate in club activities. If you have any questions or suggestions or are interested in joining, please feel free to reply to this post.

Blessed Be,
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