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Default I'm surprised . . .

Originally Posted by Golly Tabatabaie

the freshmen have been there and done that.

that's what they (read: they != golly) got in trouble for the very, very, very, very first night on campus.

anyone got in there. I thought a bunch of those rooms were locked these days - but I don't think I've been up that way for a couple of years, probably since the last time I helped with computer handout. Maybe one of them was still a study room? Really, not all that interesting. There was a computer lab in there back in the dark ages (mid-80s) before all the students had computers - the program was phased in a year at a time. I think it was the room on the left. The power strips may still have been mounted in there up until recently. A couple of the lounges in Tolley and Brown (or triples, depending on the year might've been labs as well.
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