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We are pretty happy with how the network is running right now. The changes we made, including disabling peer to peer filesharing, seem to have had a very positive effect.
Peer to peer programs seem to be the major culprit in what was causing the problems that we were all seeing. We were limiting peer to peer and thought that would be sufficent, but many peer to peer applications are rather insistent and connection intensive, and will send a large amount of connection attempts. The traffic shaping tool was receiving all of these attempts, categorizing them, trying to fairly distribute all of the peer to peer connection attempts into the available peer to peer bandwidth, dropping the extra attempts (which would then typically get retried by the client program), and letting the set amount through. It was basically getting bogged down trying to accomplish this. Currently, it recognizes a peer to peer connection and drops it, which is a much easier process that, as you have noted, makes everything better. Disabling peer to peer was a difficult decision to make. We do recognize that there are legitimate uses of peer to peer filesharing and that it is a frequently employed use of the network.

While we are pleased with the improvement in network connectivity that people have experienced, we are moving forward with plans for further improvement. These plans include bandwidth increases, as Gary noted, fine-tuning the settings on our network equipment, and being responsive to the feedback from users.

Glad you like it!

Originally Posted by Noah C. Rosenfield
of course limewire doesn't work, but that's just due to the p2p restrictions which are rather necessary. so i don't mind.

especially since it seems likely that the p2p restrictions are partly what is keeping bandwidth usage down enough that i can have nearly lag free halo. and i'm definitely willing to trade limewire for halo anyday.

so in conclusion, go tech department! w00t!
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