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Jonathan M. Hancewicz
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1) Deadlines
2) Cost
3) Freshmen
4) Spreading the Word
4a) The Loft

1) The deadline is Sunday for cheapest tickets. I think we should make a move before that.

2) In order to purchase group tickets, we would need $384. We could definitely get 12 people to go. But how could we get the money in advance?

3) I believe that we should get tickets for freshmen, but if we don't want them to pay this could get expensive for us. I think we should save 3 or so tickets from the 12 to give to freshmen. Preference should be given to those who go to church with us the first Sunday.

4) We have to make sure that the rest of IVCF is well informed of this. We should send out numerous emails.

4a) Lastly, I am at Drew this summer, and I attend the Loft every week. I could be the point person for this event at the Loft. I could give an announcement this Sunday if you would like. I just need confirmation that we are doing the event. What are your thoughts on asking them to contribute to freshmen tickets?
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