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Emily R. O'Neil
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curses. i think that the greater unconscious is telling me that i must join the pagan society this year. i couldn't last year because woco owned my soul [and it will even moreso this year, except that i have a major say in when the meetings are this time hehe]. i keep listening to def fx and inkubus sukkubus, stuff i listened to in ninth grade, and after hearing "hymn to her" and "belladonna and aconite" on repeat i am starting to get nostalgic for the good old days when i baked crescent cakes, crushed my own incense, and accidentally burned holes in my living room floor because i zoned out during meditation and forgot to put salt in the ceramic bowl with my charcoal [oops].

you are officially given permission to bug the crap out of me until i show up

- Dia
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