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Neal B. Day
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My only real gripe with the snack bar is the quesidila situation (idk how to spell quesidila)

Last year, I asked for one, and they didnt know they even had them on the menu, but they told me they could make me one. I was delighted, and willing to pay the 1.29 for one. (Mind you, it is only one pita thingy folded over, not a full circle)

Then I ordered one again a month later. 1.99. I thought to myself that it must have been underpriced the first time I had one.

Then I decided to spice it up, and make it a chicken quesidila. Mind you, they cook up and add one chicken tender, and then chop it up and put it in the quesidila.


For half a circle of cheese, one pita thingy, and one chicken tender.

Add fries, and a drink from the fountain, and we're talking about 8 dollars for a semi filling meal.

Considering meals not used at the commons can't be transfered to points, it seems kind of silly the even have a snack bar if it is going to charge such a high amount for basically food you can get at the commons, and unlimited amounts as well. (1.29 for a large cherry pepsi at the snack bar, no refills, part of the meal plan to get a cherry pepsi at the commons, unlimited refills for you, your friends, your loved ones, and your pets.)
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