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Daniel M. Lawson
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Default This *is* the gripes forum

Originally Posted by Sofia E. Quintanar
I'm so sick of people posting forums on this subject. Get over it. If you don't like it then transfer. Look up the subject in the forum's archives and you'll see a lot of discussion on it.

I'm not saying it isn't a downer to read people posting about things they don't like, but this is the gripes forum, and that's kind of what it's here for. Sometimes venting about things you don't like can lead to

a) finding that you are mistaken, and the thing you wish were different is different than you thought, but you didn't know about it

b) other people who share your concern now knowing you are out there; you can either commiserate with them or even better work together to make something better -- but venting can be a good first step.

c) lots of people joining the thread, saying "yeah, that upsets me too", and then someone else might act to change the condition being griped about. There might be more efficient ways to give feedback about some things, but there's always a chance this might work.

d) as REM says in Ignoreland, "I know that this is vitriol; no solutions, but I feel better having screamed, don't you?"

These threads sure can be depressing to read, but to say that people should stop griping in a forum entitled "Gripes" is perhaps not a fair expectation.

On the other hand, if your gripe is with other peoples' gripes, I suppose this is an okay place for it, too, no?

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