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Originally Posted by Michelle G. Feigin
So I had recently taken in my computer to be re-imaged for a microsoft related problem. After I had it re-imaged and brought it back to my room, I noticed that my computer was only connected through my wireless networks, which are really weak in my room. My ethernet is even connected right now and it is blinking as if it was in use. How do i get my computer to recognize my ethernet connection because it is prohibiting me being on the Drew network.
Have you tried turning the wireless off using the switch on the front of the machine? Chances are, especially if you see a link light, is that the ethernet connection is working but the computer is using the wireless connection instead for some reason. If you turn wireless off, it will fall back to the wired connection.

It is possible that we might have an issue with the binding order of the network cards in the new image such that it is not being set up in the most optimal way (i.e. wired first). It might be possible to tweak the image to avoid this problem in the future, but in the meantime, turning the wireless off when not using it should help. It is a good practice regardless as you are then not using addresses in both networks.
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