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Gary A. Hochman
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Originally Posted by E. Axel Larsson
I'm more than happy to relenquish credit for making the Class of 2009 forum a success to the OC, particularly Gary who has been spending a lot of time monitoring this forum.

When we set up the forums in June, one of the concerns that was raised was whether the freshman would be talking in an "echo chamber" as it were, with no one from the rest of the Drew community participating and answering questions.

Gary has done a superb job single-handedly answering everyone's questions! This would not be nearly the success it was without him...

I would have to say though, that the amazing design and usability are a lot of what makes this board great. We had one of those dinky little message boards with all the pop ups as a part of our website 2 years ago and it got about 15 total posts. What makes it even more impressive to me is that being on the EMC I know how little time you guys were given to not only get the message board done in, but the entire 1st year portal. Having tools like this out there really makes the job of the OC much, much easier.
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