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David C. Flores
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Just a little advice... I've had pretty good luck at getting the right books for classes ahead of time. What I usually do is go to to find out what the title and author of the books plus the edition of the book I need for the class. Once I have the name of the the book and the author I head to and search using the book title plus the author's name. Once you are there just look for the appropriate edition. Once you find the book look for the ISBN number. This is very helpful since you can search for books at by just searching via the book's ISBN number. The ISBN number is specific to the edition so there is no reason you should get an earlier editions in your searches. I suggested cause they seem to have the cheapest prices but at, it will search different websites that include and so you should be able to find a good priced book. I know this is a little complicated... but it has worked for me.
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